Personal Law Articles

A Will Is Only As Good As Its Ruling

In a recent decision of the Australian court, Re Nichol, an unsent text message was accepted as a valid will of a deceased person. The draft text message detailed the man’s intentions to leave his property to his brother and nephew, rather than his wife and children. The message ended with the words “my will”,… Read more »

The Hidden Details of Your Car Insurance

If someone were to ask you what your car insurance covers, what would you say? You may state that you have basic insurance and collision, and if you hit someone or someone hits you, the only immediate cost incurred will be your deductible. But what happens when you or the other party are physically injured… Read more »

In a car accident? Know your benefits.

If you’ve been in a car accident, you may be eligible for up to 15 weeks of medical EI if you’re unable to work. But what about after 15 weeks? Most of us don’t think about personal injury insurance benefits until we need it and few of think about it in terms of long term… Read more »

Top Things to know about ICBC Benefits

Have you been injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident or as a pedestrian?  Do you have an ICBC claim in Surrey, Langley or anywhere else in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley?  You should know that when you have suffered a personal injury, ICBC has a legal duty to provide you various… Read more »

Listen to Your Elders

For most us, our parents are the standards of adulthood, strength, and wisdom.  Late in life mental disabilities, such as dementia, catch many otherwise attentive adult children of older parents off guard, and the legal ramifications are often the true blindside. It is important for your parents to meet with a lawyer to seek advice… Read more »

What is (Not) Harassment at Work?

The word “harass” is used in many different contexts in our society. It can be used in sports (“The defence effectively harassed the puck carrier as he entered the zone”), playfully among friends (“Why are you always harassing me about what I wear?”) or in extremely serious situations (“The military has adopted a zero tolerance… Read more »

Mediation in a Time of Mourning

Some months after the tragic passing of comedy legend Robin Williams, reports began to emerge that members of his family were becoming embroiled in a legal battle over the distribution of the movie star’s sizable estate. Some news outlets reacted cynically, with the Daily Mail snidely characterizing the dispute as being over ownership of Mr…. Read more »

Are You Unknowingly Unduly Influencing Your Elderly Parent?

If you have ever received a substantial gift from an elderly parent, or if you know that you will be receiving a gift under that parent’s will, the law may presume that you have received that gift as a result of your “undue influence” over that parent, and set aside the gift. Section 52 of… Read more »

Was he pushed or did he jump? The Supreme Court of Canada clarifies the principle of constructive dismissal.

If an employer indefinitely suspends an employee for administrative (i.e. non-disciplinary) reasons and that employee responds by suing the employer, does that mean the employer constructively dismissed the employee or did the employee quit? Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) considered this question in a case called Potter v. New Brunswick Legal Aid Services… Read more »

No Right to Visit Elderly Parents

In a recent case, the B.C. Supreme Court refused to order a visitation schedule between a 90-year-old dementia patient and her three sons in the face of an objection by the patient’s daughter. Before becoming incapable of communicating effectively, the parties’ mother had appointed her daughter as her representative pursuant to the Representation Agreement Act. Due… Read more »