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From dealing with ICBC to going to trial, at Hamilton Duncan we ensure that our clients understand all their legal options.


“Mr. Morgan gives lawyers a good name.”  Anna MacDonald – Client


Our Client Stories in their own words: Anna MacDonald, Personal Law Client

“I was t-boned by another car that ran a long red light which caused left-sided injuries to my hip, shoulder, neck, and even jaw, which caused numerous symptoms that changed my life. During my initial meeting with ICBC, I soon realized that ICBC was not my friend, and I quickly found Rory Morgan who accepted my case on a contingency basis (no fee until case is won). After the brief phone interview, I met Rory who expertly explained all of my legal options, and in such a way that was easy for me to understand.

Rory explained to me that my job was simply to be a patient, as I needed to deal with all of my injuries, and he also explained the importance of being completely honest with him at all times. I left Rory’s office feeling virtually stress-free, and I knew I was in good hands. Despite my extremely complicated pre-existing medical issues, Rory allowed me to put my health first, which meant that he protected my legal rights while ensuring that I was given enough time to receive a thorough medical investigation, diagnoses, and surgeries/treatments for my injuries.

Rory was always reachable and I was impressed not only by his politeness, but especially his compassion, understanding, and patience to answer all my questions thoroughly and efficiently. Rory kept me well-informed during the entire process, while personally ensuring that I was well prepared for discovery, and mediation. The mediator was quite experienced, however Rory demonstrated his expertise and willingness to fight for my rights when he gave me the option of going to court if I chose to maximize on my financial compensation. I was convinced by Rory, and it was my privilege to watch his brilliance and learn from his strategy despite many unique but court-worthy obstacles. Rory’s diligence uncovered a weak foundation upon which ICBC based their denial, and Rory was exceptional (and always real) when he prepared me for appearing in court. I was moved by how hard Rory worked to prepare all of our expert witnesses for trial, and overall I can say that working with Rory was the correct decision as justice was served.

Bottom line: Rory Morgan gives lawyers a good name.”


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