Litigation Expertise When Personal Injury Occurs

Kevin was a passenger involved in a serious car accident and suffered a significant injury. He was unable to work and endured multiple surgeries for his injury.


“…I came to think of Rory more as a trusted friend than just as my lawyer…” Kevin Ozeer – Client


Our Client Stories in the their own words: Kevin Ozeer, Personal Law Client

I was a passenger involved in a serious car accident in 2010, and I suffered a significant personal injury. I was unable to work for an extended period of time, and I had to go through multiple surgeries on my wrist. I was lucky enough to have a top surgeon perform my surgeries, however despite his efforts I have been left with permanent problems in my wrist.

I tried dealing with ICBC on my own, but it became pretty clear to me that I could not handle these matters on my own, and the needed the help of a professional. I contacted Rory Morgan and he represented me on my case. It took almost 4 years before we went to court, and I got to know Rory really well during that time.

From the start, ICBC did not seem to take me or my case seriously. ICBC made low ball offers and did not seem to care about how my injuries had affected me and my family. It was a very frustrating time, as I was trying to get on with my life, while still living in pain every day. I had my dream job, however I was unable to reach my goals because of my injury. Every day my job made my injuries worse, and it became very frustrating and depressing.

Rory stood by my side the whole time. He constantly reminded me of my need to focus on getting better; on my recovery. He asked me not to worry about the case, and he promised he would make sure we got a fair result. He reminded me of the importance of patience, even though he knew how difficult it was to be patient under such difficult circumstances.

Rory was always available to discuss my case with me and address my concerns. He was easy to connect with, and he always responded to my calls and emails very promptly. If he was unable to respond quickly, he made sure I knew why, so there was never any uncertainty. Basically, he made me feel important – like I was his only client, even though I know I was not.

As we got closer to trial, Rory did an excellent job of preparing me. He interviewed my friends and family, and he made everyone feel important to my case by treating everyone with courtesy and respect. He answered all my questions in a straight-forward and clear way, and he made sure I was always up to date on all of the developments of my case.

We tried to negotiate a settlement of my case with ICBC, as I did not want to go to trial. It was stressful, and I was worried for myself and my family in the event that we were unsuccessful. Rory explained to me that insurance companies use those concerns to pressure people into settling their claims for less than fair compensation, and I could see that was the case. Through the process, Rory reinforced the need to stick to our plan, and remain true to our strategy. It was tough, because of the stress, but Rory stood by my side and never wavered.

We ended up in trial, and Rory’s preparation made the actual trial much less stressful than I had expected. I always understood what was happening, and even when things were very stressful Rory seemed calm, relaxed, and ready.

At the end of the trial, the judge awarded me more than I had asked for, and more than I had expected. I was really happy with the result, and I know it was due to Rory’s hard work and efforts. Through the time working together I came to think of Rory more as a trusted friend rather than just as my lawyer, and I have no hesitation recommending Rory to my friends and family whenever they need a lawyer. Thanks again Rory!”


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