Real Estate Development

Hamilton Duncan can serve as your one-stop source for legal assistance and business advice regarding real estate development and construction management. We have deep roots in Surrey and the Fraser Valley, and we have developed strong relationships with key personnel at major lenders, municipal authorities, and other entities that affect development activity. We know where to turn to get answers to key questions, and how to overcome obstacles. Our extensive experience also enables us to quickly identify potential problems that stand in the way of a real estate project, and take measures to resolve those problems.

Whether you are a real estate developer, or construction manager, we can serve as a valued partner during the development process, helping you develop and sell your project successfully, protecting your interests, and achieving your profitability goals.

In particular, we can assist you with:

  • Structuring the appropriate ownership vehicle
  • Drafting and reviewing construction contracts, management agreements, and joint venture agreements
  • Financing of your project
  • Obtaining municipal approvals and permits
  • Land title consolidations and subdivisions, including air space subdivisions
  • Registering strata plans and by-laws
  • Preparation and filing of disclosure statements
  • Sale of development units (bulk sales)
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