Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

Approximately half of British Columbians die without a will, causing extra stress for the family and friends left behind. Do not let this happen to you. Whether your needs are simple or complex, at Hamilton Duncan we have the tools to ensure that you have a sound estate plan. In as few as two meetings, we can put your mind at ease by putting in place documents to ensure your things are left to the people you care for, and that your children will be looked after by people you know and trust.

At Hamilton Duncan, our services include:

  • Drafting Wills, Trust Agreements, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Representation Agreements and Nominations of Committee
  • Creating Trusts, including Person with a Disability Trusts, Alter Ego Trusts, Joint Spousal Trusts and Family Trusts
  • Addressing issues of beneficiaries with special needs
  • Protecting your estate plan from court challenges after your death
  • Advising on the appropriate use of insurance
  • Structuring your assets to minimize income tax and probate fees on death
  • Explaining the role of charitable gifts in estate planning
  • Developing succession plans for family businesses
  • Applying for Probate and Estate Administration


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